Research may show why so few retail workers have

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Cheap Jerseys from china What Kerry Porter wanted to know was: do you think workers in Coles, Woolies and Bunnings (who) have been in contact with everyone haven seen that many cases? employing tens of thousands of people across thousands of stores, which have continued operating during the coronavirus shutdown in Australia, there have been very few cases among workers in stores like Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings and Kmart.Mr Morrison didn have a solid explanation for why this is, saying he hadn seen the specific statistics on that.I would say is that employers in places like this have put in place social distancing and procedures to keep their patrons safe, Mr Morrison said.that where I seen businesses do amazing things to adapt to this new environment and we see them adapt more so into the future. Research may show why so few retail workers have been infected by COVID 19 despite working through the pandemic.Physician and scientist at Scotland University of St Andrews School of Medicine, Muge Cevik, has examined a number of contact tracing studies and found rates of infection were higher among those in enclosed environments.The main danger appears related to spending a long amount of time with people in a cramped indoor space. In fact, many infections occur in people homes.One study that Dr Cevik quoted, looked at 2,147 close contacts of 157 coronavirus cases in Ningbo, south of Shanghai.It found there was a higher risk of infection among friends, family and relatives, as well as those living with the infected person or taking the same transport or dining together.Another China study of 1,286 close contacts of 391 virus cases found contacts and those travelling with a case were at higher risk of infection a Twitter thread, Dr Cevik said the studies indicated that close and prolonged contact was necessary for coronavirus to be spread.risk is highest in enclosed environments; household, long term care facilities and public transport, she wrote.She also added there could also be an increased risk in crowded office spaces, packed restaurants and cafes, cramped apartment buildings and other crowded and connected indoor environments, although this was based on limited data.RELATED: Follow the latest coronavirus updatesRELATED: State by state guide to restrictions and when they will liftRELATED: What Australians should be doing to avoid a second waveCanberra Hospital infectious disease physician Professor Peter Collignon said among patients that researchers had followed up, evidence indicated the longer they were inside with someone, the bigger the risk of infection.He said research found that those living in the same household were up to 20 per cent more likely to be infected than someone who had only been in contact with the person for an hour or so.may be an issue for people wholesale nfl jerseys in their own home, where they are having longer contact with others they may be there for three to four hours, Prof Collignon said Cheap Jerseys from china.

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