Pat Nicholson, from Girgarre, near Kyabram in

This Polish doughnut is popularly known as the sweet treat of Fat Tuesday, but in Hamtramck, a largely Polish town outside Detroit, the devotion to paczki pronounced is taken to a new level. Lines form out the door from the wee hours for these decadent doughnuts traditionally stuffed with rose hip or stewed plum jam. Some of the well known paczki bakeries, like the New Palace Bakery, have introduced their own variations, such as Strawberry and Chocolate, filled with strawberry glaze and milk chocolate drizzle, and the Red, White and Blue, with creamy custard, strawberries and blueberries..

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The Broncos have been firing this season. Even with talk if Bennett losing the playing group and the news Ben Hunt will leave at the end of the season for the Dragons. While some of their players like Anthony Milford had a slow start to the year, they found form and look every bit the premiership contender..

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