Missing two of his top targets didn’t slow down Goff

A name came up in the meeting, a man who was very important on the New York piers, a man who ran the biggest fish market in America, at the Fulton Street complex, on the lowers East Side of Manhattan. His name was Joseph Lanza, known to his friends as ‘Sox.’ He was a mobster, working in the crime family run by Luciano, and he was also, currently under indictment on racketeering charges. It was proposed that Lanza (left) be approached initially through his lawyer, Joseph K.

One of the most striking things about Eisen’s tenure is the way advocates outside government describe him. Activists who deal withthe environment, labor or gay rights issues often grumble about the slow pace and unambitious agenda of the White House. In contrast, people who fight for government openness, accountability and transparency practically glow when they talk aboutEisen and the last two years..

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