Its dynamic capabilities and the highest resolution

This makes sense. In times of stress and uncertainty, we are programmed to seek meaningful connections and shun superficial ones. Idle chitchat feels like a waste of time and energy. The circles have been bunched into clusters, 10 in all, for operational purposes, the sources said adding that this renewed commitment to the market is also expected to put to rest speculation around the company’s future, sending out strong message that Vodafone Idea is moving to a higher gear to remain competitive in the market. Sources privy to the development said the new operating model will mark a jump in efficiency leading to stronger competitive positioning for Vodafone Idea in the marketplace.”Vodafone Idea is consolidating its circle operations, to improve efficiency, as it nears the completion of its mammoth integration exercise following Vodafone Idea merger in September 2018. With this, the company has now nearly doubled its 4G coverage reaching one billion Indians across all states,” the source said.The company had earlier said it would complete the network integration exercise by June 2020 and the sources said that VIL is on track to achieve the target.”Since the merger less than two years ago, VIL has focussed on de duplication of operations to simplify customer journey and make it a more efficient operator,” another source added.An internal announcement about the circle consolidation is scheduled to be made on Tuesday, the source added.”The company is confident that it has a rich talent pipeline and will fill all new roles internally.

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