It is not yet clear who fired the shots

One of those wounded was in a critical condition, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department. It is not yet clear who fired the shots. Police responded with a Twitter post asking the city to “please choose peace,” alongside a video message from a family member of the woman killed.

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid is one of the league’s best, but he lost the only Super Bowl in which he has appeared. That was in the 2004 season, when Reid, who was with the Philadelphia Eagles at the time, lost to the New England Patriots. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City’s brilliant quarterback, will be playing in his first Super Bowl..

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In 1974, Petra is a skinny, serious, dark haired girl who frantically paddles around the outer edges of a clique. Petra and her sometime best friend, Sharon, enter the Ultimate David Cassidy Quiz sponsored by one of the many fan magazines they read with the brow furrowing intensity of rabbinical students scrutinizing the Torah. If they win, they’ll actually get to fly to California and meet David.

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