In early March, Brooklyn documentary editor knew he

Methamphetamine is a man made stimulant that’s been around for a long time. During World War II, soldiers were given meth to keep them awake. People have also taken the drug to lose weight and ease depression. In early March, Brooklyn documentary editor knew he was about to get laid off from a film he was editing because of the spread of covid 19. He felt an immense sense of doom and helplessness. “I needed a way to stay connected to others and just as important, to believe in the possibility that life would one day return to what it had once been,” he says.

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In the climactic moment to the documentary about him “One in a Billion”, Satnam Singh is in New York City, being driven to the 2015 NBA Draft. It is a life changing convention that turns selected amateur athletes into full professionals in the world’s most prestigious basketball league. Even at 19, Satnam has already lived numerous lifetimes: with the help of basketball, he has gone from a small, nondescript Punjabi village to an American education and world class basketball training at the IMG Basketball Academy in Florida..

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“While I applaud the league for most of what going on with the safety concerns, and all players and former players applaud that, I look at this rule and I say, at some point I think we crossing a line,” Mayock said. “To me, a running back has got to be able to drop his pad level. And when a running back drops his pad level, his head goes with it.

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