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But my friends on the left shouldn’t be too smug. With their absurd insistence on political correctness, they contributed to an environment where Trump’s rants seemed more relatable. Instead of believing that every alleged victim needed to be heard, they acted as though every alleged victim needed to be believed.

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Our web notifications work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac, Android and Edge. Press the TURN ON COURANT WEB NOTIFICATIONS button below to enable them on your browser. If you are turning on Courant web notifications for the first time, your browser will also prompt you for permission to receive notifications from Hartford Courant press ALLOW on that prompt..

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“We’re financially independent,” Buckler explained. As Buckler explained, they have a huge responsibility to be transparent, accountable and ethical when it comes to the money gifted to them. In addition to being a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, Buckler also received her designation as a Certified Fundraising Executive in 2018.

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