But it gets even better because after watching CoFF

“Wisconsinites have done an incredible job of banding together throughout this crisis and it’s more important than ever for us to continue respecting each other, supporting each other, holding each other accountable and protecting those who are vulnerable,” Gov. Evers said. “We are still encouraging people to stay home as much as possible, practice physical distancing and good hygiene, and take protective measures like wearing a mask in public, but as more businesses continue to reopen around the state, we need to go all in on doing this together.”.

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wholesale nba jerseys from china Since we’re all stuck inside anyway, we asked local amateur filmmakers, artists, and creative people to send us short homemade movies that demonstrate how we are living, surviving (and occasionally thriving) under quarantine and social distancing orders. And oh boy! DID YOU DELIVER! We received a poop ton of fantastic, funny, poignant, and mind bending submissions, and narrowed it down to the 25 best of the bunch to bring you the CoFF film fest. But it gets even better because after watching CoFF, YOU’LL BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR THE WINNERS OF CASH PRIZES IN A VARIETY OF CATEGORIES!. wholesale nba jerseys from china

cheap nba Jerseys china “Stories, Sovereignty, and Imagining Forward”: Native American artists led by theater director Madeline Sayet (the Executive Director of the Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program, who has also directed at UConn). Voter Rights Workshop conducted by Civic Impact Lab, Mothers Others for Justice, The Urban League of Southern Connecticut, specifically addressing”how structural racism shapes our voting system” and how to “create a voting system rooted in shared liberation.” Registration is required. “Slavery The American Story,” with Nikole Hannah Jones of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, Reveal” podcast host Al Letson and Mercy Quaye of the Narrative Project (which is co presenting the talk) discussing “the local, national, and global impact of American slavery and liberation on democracy in America and our relationship with truth and history,” plus a musical performance by Paul Bryant Hudson cheap nba Jerseys china.

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