Boswell, who did not return CNN previous request for

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Sheriff said the mother story would change time she spoke to police.Boswell, who did not return CNN previous request for comment, toldCNN affiliate WJHLin a Facebook message that she was pregnant and unable to take a polygraph test. But the sheriff office said it didn use polygraph tests. And the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations told CNN she wasn scheduled to meet with a polygraph examiner from the bureau either.Jail records released by the sheriff office last month indicated Boswell was not pregnant,WJHLreported.Boswell has sole custody over the child, and Evelyn father is an active duty military serviceman stationed in Louisiana, officials have said.Grandmother was arrestedDays after an AMBER alert was issued for the baby, Evelyn grandmotherwas arrestedalongside her boyfriend, after police said they may have information about the disappearance.Angela Boswell, 42, and William McCloud, 33, were found traveling in a gray 2007 BMW in Wilkes County, North Carolina.The two were charged with possession of stolen property, according to the Wilkes County Sheriff Office and were extradited to Tennessee. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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