Russ has been a great Seahawk

Barbara County has just rushed into this without carefully thinking about the impacts on residents, Junak said. Not good planning. If you a neighbor of one of these grows and you upset at what happening there, you not getting any relief for years. THE TAKE: The 49ers have already addressed two of their three biggest needs this offseason with additions at quarterback and wide receiver. San Francisco now has to find an intimidating defensive lineman who can reach the quarterback. The good news for the 49ers is they have two good options between Solomon Thomas and Jonathan Allen.

Right around 90 to 100 staff members, so you close to 25 percent of your staff that this is affecting, Strollo said. Of those are coaching positions. Most if not all sports have been affected, and then some administrative positions. Retired from Norfolk Southern, Jack is the executive director of a nonprofit he founded, “My Brother’s Keeper, NOT My Brother’s Killer,” (also the name of a book he wrote). The foundation promotes reconciliation and forgiveness as alternatives to death and destruction. “40 Miles High” is about some of the memorable students he taught and mentored at WBHS.

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