In an unprecedented show of terrorist horror

In a decade, Megan Abbott went from publishing her dissertation about “the solitary white man moving through the city” in mid 20th century American hard boiled fiction (book title: The Street Was Mine, 2002) to subverting classic period noir settings with women character driven stories in Edgar Award winning fashion (Die a Little, 2005; The Song is You, 2007; Queenpin, 2007; Bury Me Deep, 2009) to contemporizing noir themes in teenage settings, coming of age as criminal loss of innocence (The End of Everything, wholesale jerseys from china 2011; Dare Me, 2012). That last one a cheer noir with an ostensible villain cheerleader every bit as dangerous as the head of a fictional crime syndicate put Abbott further into the cultural conscious than ever before. The book has been optioned for a film with Natalie Portman attached to star (though it may end up hitting the screens as a TV series).

wholesale jerseys from china A plane approaches New York’s World Trade Center moments before it struck the tower at left, as seen from downtown Brooklyn, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. In an unprecedented show of terrorist horror, the 110 story towers collapsed in a shower of rubble and dust after 2 hijacked airliners carrying scores of passengers slammed into them. wholesale jerseys from china

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