In 1907 they were renamed as the Chicago Cubs

Major League Baseball refers to the associations that operate the National League and the American League, by resources of a joint organizational construction that has developed regularly between them since 1903. In 2000, the National League and the American leagues were officially disbanded as split legal entities with all rights and functions consolidated in the commissioner office. MLB successfully operate as a single baseball league and as such it constitutes one of the major important professional sports leagues of the USA.

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Though many wouldn’t have guessed it, now Brad and Dusty are great friends! As the winter holidays come around, both Dusty with his partner, Karen and Brad and Sara decide that the family will all get together for one big holiday celebration. The kids are thrilled with the decision, as is the entire family, but the mood soon changes when Dusty receives a phone call from his dad, Kurt. The family unit has just got a little bit bigger and Dusty really isn’t sure how his rough and ready father is going to appreciate the new Dusty or their larger family arrangement.

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