But once you get close to them you realise that all

That’s always a huge discussion. All ALA awards are, first and foremost, to help librarians make good selection decisions. Ultimately, it’s for teens, and to help teens find the best teen literature. Ryan Donato, United States: The 21 year old Boston Bruins prospect was bright spot for Team USA despite the disappointing finish. The sniper lifted his team to a crucial preliminary round victory over Slovakia, grabbing both goals in a 2 1 victory. He came back to haunt Slovakia again with two more scores in the qualification playoffs, and though the United States’ tournament came to an end in the quarterfinals against the Czech Republic, Donato notched one last goal in the 3 2 loss to finish with a team leading five goals and six points.

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Strong characters help hold the attention as this overcooked drama develops, but in the end it feels so concocted that it’s difficult to believe. While there’s plenty of potential in the premise, the film becomes distracted by irrelevant subplots that try to stir up some tension but never quite manage it. And for a movie about food, the cuisine is simply too abstract to be mouthwatering..

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