Ava is Witherspoon’s daughter with her ex husband

cheap nba Jerseys free shipping cheap nba basketball jerseys Traffic enforcers implement the principle that bike owners must wear helmets. Incidents don’t give warning, thus, reduction is better. Persons would like to get a good deal. Reese Witherspoon’s daughter looks just like her mum! Witherspoon posted a photograph with her 15 year old daughter Ava on Instagram on Thursday (30th April) and their similarity is certainly striking. Witherspoon and Eva were getting ready for the Los Angeles premiere of Witherspoon’s latest film, Hot Pursuit, when the photo was taken. Ava is Witherspoon’s daughter with her ex husband, Ryan Phillippe.

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This Zone of Alienation was later expanded to 1,000 square miles and contains some of the most radioactively contaminated places on earth. In recent years, the New Safe Confinement, a steel entombment structure, was built over the previous sarcophagus. Since 2011, tour groups have been allowed to visit parts of the zone..

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